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Chances are good that you’ll find something which appeals to you at EachLED.com. But as you go to checkout, a question is raised in your mind. Is it safe to shop at EachLED.com?


We think so, and here’s why.


First of all, you’ll notice the Verisign authentication seal at the bottom of our home page. This means that according to Verisign, one of the most trusted names in web security, that our website is safe in all aspects: browsing, searching, signing in, and most importantly: buying from.


Next, when you actually buy from us, we’ve carefully selected payment processors we trust to keep your information safe. For example, we cooperate with PayPal, one of the biggest web processing companies in the world.


But our attention to security doesn’t end there. Have a look at our privacy policy especially the sections where we discuss human resource vulnerabilities and IT vulnerabilities and our strategies for resolving these problems.


Link privacy policy document


In the end you’ll find that not only is EachLED.com, a company to be trusted for quality and value, but that trust also extends to every part of your site experience, from browsing to paying. You’re in good hands with EachLED.com.

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